Management Board

The Board of Directors was established according to the Government Gazette Issue (GGI 114 SEPS (Special positioned public Employees and administration tools for the enlarged Public Sector)/7.3.2019) and is composed of 7 Ordinary and 7 Deputy Members.

Senior scientists participate in the Administrative Board as well as the representatives of the following entities:

  • Ministry of Environment and Energy (ΥPΕN)
  • The Region of Ionian Islands
  • The Municipality of Kefalonia
  • Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Local Production Agencies

The 1st Board of the Management Body was established in 2003 (GGI 918/Β/04.07.2003), the 2nd Board in 2006 (GGI 775/Β/28.06.2006), the 3rd one in 2009 (GGI 538/ SEPS /29.12.2009) and the current Board of Directors in 2019 (GGI 114 SEPS /7.3.2019).

The current Board of Directors is composed of the following Ordinary and Deputy Members:

  1. Adamantia Graikiotou, Forester, representative of the Ministry of Environment and Energy; appointed deputy member Dionysios Minetos, Head of Environment, Hydro-Economy and Spatial Planning Department of Kefalonia Regional Union.
  2. Spiros Matiatos, Deputy Mayor of Omala Municipal Union and Sanitation, representative of the Municipality of Kefalonia; appointed deputy member Spyronikolas Solomos, Deputy Mayor of Elios Pronnoi Municipal Union.
  3. Panagis Drakoulogonas, Deputy Regional Governor of Kefalonia and Ithaca as the representative of the Region of Ionian Islands; appointed deputy member Andronikos-Nikolaos Vallianatos, Council Member of Kefalonia Regional Unit.
  4. Georgios Drakatos, Seismologist, Research Director of the National Observatory of Athens, representative of the scientific community; appointed deputy member Andromahi Papadatou, Agronomist
  5. Georgios Kassianos, Medical Surgeon, representative of the scientific community; appointed deputy member Argirios Gerakis, Agronomist
  6. Nikolaos Vallianos, with appointed deputy member Aliki-Irini Panou, Wild Life Managers, representatives of environmental Non-Governmental Organizations
  7. Dionisios Baldos, member of Kefalonia and Ithaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  representative of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce Union , with appointed deputy member Andreas Kalafatis, Chairman of Kefalonia and Ithaca Agricultural Union Cooperatives, representative of the local Agricultural Unified Cooperative

Chairman of the Board of Directors was appointed Dr Georgios Drakatos, Vice-President Mr Georgios Kassianos and Secretary Mr Dionisios Baldos. The Administrative Board term of office has three-year duration with the possibility of extension.